Re:Master Magic 18 The King of Death – Part II

Sloth Translations

Another 5 pages… come to think of it, the manga is coming out on the 22nd. I wonder how much it’ll cover?

Here’s your chapter.

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Wiro Sableng Episode 1 pt.1

Dusk Tales

Wiro Sableng

Episode 1 – 4 sideburns from Sanggreng cave

-Part 1

” This! ” said a man with long, bushy mustache with a rude voice. ” Give it to him! I have to receive an answer by today, Kalingundil!!! You hear me!? “

The man named Kalingundil nodded his head. He then took the given letter. ” If he talks lots of crap….,” said the long-mustache man, ” Just take care of it. Leave now, if needed, bring Saksoso!”

Kalingundil stood up and left the room. And if Kalingundil have just left behind the door then grumped Suranyali, the man with thick mustache.

” Truly a cursed woman! Illict woman!” He clenched his right fist into a circle and punched on the teakwood table in front of him.


The table plank shattered. The 4 table legs sank down until 3 cm into the tile and the tile itself…

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Synopsis Sunday: Perfect World

Synopsis Sunday: Perfect World.

New translate series from flowerbridgetoo

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